Hello, I am Jacob!

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About Jacob Williams

Upon returning home from a deployment to Afghanistan in 2019, I experienced challenges with my mental health. I felt so disconnected from everyone and everything; I was honestly lost. I knew I needed a therapeutic outlet soon before things got worse, and I discovered plant therapy. Working with plants provided me with solace and a renewed sense of purpose. Fast forward to the pandemic, and like everyone else, I turned to TikTok for comfort. I found myself on #PlantTok but was disappointed by the lack of representation within the plant community. To remedy this, I started creating content despite constantly shying away from the spotlight and disliking the sound of my voice. I began creating content that authentically represented the millennial black experience. Through this, I have also connected with others who share similar experiences and created a community of support and understanding. It has been a transformative journey that has helped me grow and find purpose in my life. I found my voice and a new passion. Now I can't stop making videos.

Content Focuses

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Creating content about plants is a true passion of mine. It's not only a way for me to showcase my love for the natural world, but it also provides a platform to inspire others to value and safeguard plant life.

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Crafting lifestyle content is a true joy for me, as it allows me to creatively and captivatingly share my interests and passions while connecting with like-minded individuals.


Social Commentary

I love social commentary because it challenges my perspectives and encourages critical thinking about important societal issues.

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